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Paintings FAQ

FAQ in regards to our service
What amount of work can a Painter for Day get done? Every home is different, so it’s not possible to say specifically what he can accomplish. Some walls require significantly more repair, while others may involve cutting around difficult trim details. Even the color can substantially add to the labor, especially if it is a deep or accent color. Paint the walls, door and baseboards in typical bedroom, or

  • Paint approximately 2-3 doors and frames, both sides (In 2- trips)
  • Paint the baseboards in a small apartment, or
  • Paint the garage doors on a home, or
  • Stain and finish a newly installed front entry door, or
  • Paint the ceilings in 2 average sized bedrooms, or
  • Paint the walls in 2 average-sized rooms (excluding closets, trim & doors), or
  • Do minor wall repair and paint several walls, sections of baseboard, or closets

What happens if I need the Painter for Day for more than one day? If the Painter has personal availability, he may be able to stay an extra hour or two on the day he working for you. If necessary, you can book the Painter for Day for a second day (at the Painter for Day daily rate), although it may be a little while before his schedule will be able to accommodate the second day.

What about additional materials that may be needed? All you need to supply is the colors. You are more than welcome to place the order with any of our leading vendors at a discounted price, or you can provide your own paint.

What constitutes part of the Painter for Day’s work time, and what does not? The entire Painter’s time on site constitutes part of his work time, with the exception of his coffee and lunch break. Additionally, if he needs to leave the site to purchase more paint or materials on your behalf, this is part of his work day (you may want to minimize this by doing these errands yourself).

What if the Painter for Day finishes my work in less than a day? Since our painter is booked for the entire day, and likely can’t fill the rest of his day with other paid hours, there is no refund for partial days of work.

Are there restrictions on what the Painter for Day can do? The rate is based on work under 20′ in height, and the Painter being able to gain safe access to the work area. Also, some specialty finishes, such as faux and metallic finishes, and installing wall covering, are not available under the Painter for a day. The Painter for Day can do spray work, but there is an additional per day charge for the use of a spray machine, and the cost of whatever additional masking materials are used.

Preparation and Painting
Getting the surface properly prepared makes all the difference. Professional contractors know the value of preparation and will do it right.

Knowing Paints and How to Apply Them
The choices today are more complicated than just oil or latex, and professional contractors will know what works, how to use it, and will have the right tools for the job.

Cleanup and Disposal
Hiring a professional contractor means you don’t have to worry about dealing with paint residues and other leftovers. Professionals will know how to handle hazardous wastes that may be part of the job.



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